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What Is Authority & Influence?

Authority & Influence is an exclusive 6 week program that will grant you the connections, tools, and resources to make you a lead influencer in your field.

Here Is What you get:

Weekly calls

Join weekly calls with Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington and his team.

Facebook Group

Gain access to our exclusive Authority & Influence Facebook group.


Receive a box in the mail filled with essential items needed for the program.

And Much More!


Prior to the Authority & Influence start date, you will receive a link in an email to a weekly video call that will be conducted by Kevin Harrington and his team. There will be opportunity to raise your hand and ask questions during each call.

Every session will be recorded and provided to you so that you can view the session on your own time.

Authority & Influence Roadmap

Introduction to Becoming a Key Person of influence
Mastering Your Pitch - Communicating Your Message Effectively
Building out Your Dream Team and Advisory Board - How to Attract Talent
Social Media Management and Your First Impression Online
Becoming a Published Author and Publishing Written Content Online
Recording Video Content - Using Video Marketing Online
Public Speaking and Communicating your Message Effectively on Stage
Podcasting - Hosting Your own Show and being a Guest on Shows
Networking at Events and Putting on Your own In-person Events/Seminars
Getting Press and Mainstream Media Coverage
Celebrity Endorsements and Working with Influencers to Grow Exponentially
Delivering Massive Value through Products/Services/Experiences - Your MVP
Bringing it All Together - Planning out your Strategy


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See What Others Are Saying About The

Authority & Influence Dream Team


“By being around Kevin and his team, I have gained access to things that have helped my business and my life.”
-Ralph DiBugnara, Entrepreneur

“WOW! I had the great privilege to pitch to Kevin after a conversation we had 6 months earlier back in 2018 on showcasing Business Owners on the radio. This since evolved and now thanks to Kevin I host a weekly Featured Business online show. Thank you for helping me fight my fear and take your advice to create some amazing value for those I serve.”

James M.

I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Kevin discussing business and learning from Kevin. He adds value at every interaction, puts a lot of power behind whatever he’s involved in, and makes an incredibly successful partner for then many ventures he’s active in. I encourage anyone who is seeking a top tier business coach, keynote speaker for their event, or strategic partner for their venture to contact Kevin and see the incredible results from your interactions.

Parker P.

“Kevin was a pleasure to meet and deal with. Always sharp, focused and determined to position a business in a forward-thinking, advantageous way. A true pioneer in his field, he deserves all the success and recognition he’s been getting, and more! Fun fact: It was flattering to notice we wore the same suit jacket in our meeting. “Great Minds Think Alike”, as the saying goes… and Kevin is truly one of the “Greats”!”

Yaro S.

Authority & Influence is a 6 week program that helps personal brands, entrepreneurs, and businesses become more influential in their industries and become authorities in their fields.  

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